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9 Epic Pools to Inspire Your Summer Float

April 09, 2018

9 Epic Pools to Inspire Your Summer Float

By 2018 standards, Liberace’s piano-shaped pool is as luxurious as a Motel 6 off exit 52A. But, Mr. Showmanship certainly had the right idea when it came to flaunting success.


Nothing says, “I have arrived” quite as much as a custom pool in your own backyard.

Welcome to My Pool

While a pool reflecting your personality or passion (not to be confused with a reflecting pool) may have terrible resale value (although a cowboy boot-shaped pool would probably be a selling point in Texas) it will give you tremendous joy and bragging rights for as long as you live in the house.

A custom pool reminiscent of a 5-Star hotel will make you never want to pack your bags and leave home.

Let these 9 epic pools inspire your next pool project.

Kick Off Your Shoes

This photo of Apartelle de Francesca is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Barefoot and summer go together like ski boots and winter. What better way to embrace the season than swimming barefoot in a giant foot?

At the Apartelle de Francesca Resort in the Philippines you can say, “Grab a drink and meet me in the big toe.”

To Infinity and Beyond

An infinity pool that overlooks your neighbor’s backyard wouldn’t be nearly as awe-inspiring as an infinity pool that seems to disappear into the Pacific Ocean. But, if you have the space and a decent view, an infinity pool will make you feel at one with your environment.


This infinity pool takes advantage of a spectacular city view. For people with a fear of heights, this pool would be more terrifying than relaxing.

A River Runs Through It

river pool

What nature lover wouldn’t want a lazy river pool that looks like an actual river. You’ll feel like Tom Sawyer pushing Becky on swing.

With a pool this realistic looking, don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning to a herd of deer drinking from your watering hole. Which would be slightly less disturbing than a herd of deer drinking from your frozen margarita machine.

Go Ahead and Jump

Do you want the fun of a diving board without the height of a diving board? Well, then you’ll flip for this innovation.

swimming pool

A pool level trampoline will make your cannonballs explosive. At least the splash will water the grass.

Calculate Shipping Costs

If you can’t have a built-in pool, think outside the box. A shipping container makes a unique above ground pool.

It looks great plus, if your guests overstay their welcome, you can use the pool to ship them home.

Outside In

Instead of an indoor pool, make your outdoor pool feel like part of the indoors. Or make your indoors feel part of the outdoors. It just depends on if you’re a pool half-empty or pool half-full kind of person.

swimming pool

Imagine how great it would be to get up from your couch and get into the pool without having to open a door. If, however, you decide to go from the pool to the couch, you may want to consider plastic slipcovers.

Swimming Before Bed

When it’s still 80 degrees at 10 PM, there’s no good reason to limit your swimming to daytime hours. Well-placed outdoor lighting can make a nighttime swim feels as magical as it is refreshing.

unique pool

Dramatic lighting can give any pool a resort-type look. Well, maybe not a Mr. Turtle Pool but the kids should be in bed when it gets dark anyway.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Nothing is more Zen than a waterfall. The sound, the feel and the look all scream relaxation even though “scream relaxation” is a contradiction in terms.

swimming pool

Your backyard will be so vacation-like, your friends will be calling to make reservations.

Lap It Up

If you like to use your pool for exercise as well as floating, a lap pool is a perfect solution. Lap pools are also a great idea if you have a smaller backyard.

cool pool

Just don’t invite Michael Phelps to your pool party if you have a lap pool. He’ll intimidate the other guests with his record-breaking times.

Better yet, invite Michael Phelps but put him on grill duty as you relax on your SoundFloat, listening to music and taking selfies while drinking an ice-cold beer.


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