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What's the Best Luxury Pool Float for You?

February 21, 2018

What's the Best Luxury Pool Float for You?

Most pool owners aren’t Olympic swimmers who can tread water indefinitely. We’re not Michael Phelps doing hours of laps hoping we can one day outswim a shark.

For many of us, fun and relaxation are the two main reasons we want a pool of our own.

While safety should be our number one concern when it comes to our pool, style and comfort are a close silver and bronze.

And nothing makes a pool feel like a pool more than a luxury pool float! A luxury pool float can turn a hole filled with water into a festive party or a restful oasis.

Here are five things to consider before purchasing your own luxury pool float.


Dogs and kids can be rough on pool floats. So, if you’re going to buy a luxury pool float, you want to buy one that can stand up to doggie nails and roughhousing. Don’t spend your “staycation” yelling, “Get off that float!” at your babies and fur babies.

Buy a pool float that brags about durability. Better yet, look for one that offers a warranty.

Make sure material doesn’t fade, crack or become brittle from sun or chlorine. You want your pool float to last for more than one summer.


What good is a luxury pool float that doesn’t float?

A float that doesn’t float is just a pricey practical joke.

Check the weight limit of your float before you buy. While it is true that some pool floats will accommodate a person weighing 600 lbs. many have a weight limit of only 200 lbs. (Your grandmother may look like she doesn’t top out at more than 198 lbs., but if she really weighs 240, your party will be ruined when you have to put down your burger flipper to fish Nanna out of the water.)


Luxury pool floats are all about relaxation.

There is nothing less relaxing than riding around your pool on a giant swan. The giant swan may make for a great photo op, but you won’t want to spend hours on the back of one.

Headrests and armrests will help the rest of your body rest. Cup holders or “drink caddies” may not seem like a necessity but you certainly will get a strange tan if you rest your drink on your stomach all afternoon.


What if you want to take your luxury pool float on a boat or to your friend’s house? How easy will it be to transport? Will you need to buy an SUV just to tote your float?

If your lifestyle demands portability from your float then make sure it folds, collapses or deflates— and inflates— with ease.

Since you can’t leave your luxury pool float in the pool when it’s not pool season, consider how the float will need to be stored. Will it deflate or fold to a size that can be kept in a closet? Or will you have to park your car in the driveway for eight months because your luxury pool float is taking up half the garage?



Yes, technology. It’s 2017!

Do you really think it’s possible to spend all day on your luxury pool float without checking your phone?

A Bluetooth system— built into your float—will allow you to listen to music or make a hands-free call to friends. This luxury will soon feel like a necessity.

It is possible to get all five of these features in one perfect luxury pool float.

SoundFloat is a tech-enabled luxury pool lounge that can be used in and out of the water. It has a wireless waterproof audio system with 20W amplifier for listening to your favorite summer songs, a detachable 12h. powerbank to power your Soundfloat or to charge your mobile device, and a triple-sealed, touch-sensitive, waterproof pouch for your phone or tablet -- crucial when surfing the WWW near the H2O.

SoundFloat also has a memory foam surface, cup holders, a puncture-resistant lining and it only takes a minute to deflate and inflate. It also comes with its own convenient backpack.

You can order SoundFloat in lounge, chair and double lounge styles so you can float alone or with your favorite dog or human.

My vote is for SoundFloat.


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