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Best Pool Games of All-Time

April 23, 2018

Best Pool Games of All-Time

Let the Games Begin!

While swimming and floating are great summer activities, there are times when your pool could use a little more excitement. There’s no better way to add a splash of fun than by playing the best pool games with a group of fun-seekers.

Safety First

Always remember, pools, rivers, lakes, oceans, and every other body of water can be dangerous. Not everybody is a strong swimmer. Make sure to keep your eyes on the little ones but the big ones could use some supervision as well. If alcohol is being served, somebody needs to stay sober in case of an emergency. Think of yourself as the pool equivalent of a designated driver. Nobody wants the best pool games to have the worst outcome.

Noodle Jousting 

This is the game Lancelot would have played if he had been in the pool a lot.

For noodle jousting, you need two players, two rafts (Soundfloat, perhaps?) and two pool noodles. Each player attempts to knock his opponent off the raft by wielding his trusty noodle. (You could also do a safer version by just knocking off a hat instead.)

Chicken Fights 

On the surface, the rules of Chicken Fights seem a bit old-school but it’s still one of the best pool games: Two people, each puts a fighter on their shoulders and they try to knock each other off. Fun, right?

Water Balloon Toss

I don’t care how old you are, water balloons are fun!

Players stand on opposite sides of the pool with a towel. The opposing team throws a water balloon which must be caught in the towel. Did you think the towel was just for drying off?

Wet T-shirt Relay

Not to be confused with a “Wet T-shirt Contest” which is considered one of the best pool games for people between the ages of 21 and 22. 

For the relay, put on a t-shirt, swim across the pool, transfer the t-shirt to your teammate and repeat. Can be played with a large group of people. Just make sure the participants don’t dive into the shallow end. 

Goofy Jumping Contest

Belly flops hurt, and cannonballs can soak the buffet table.

Instead of a painful belly flop competition or pool-emptying cannonball contest, have a goofy jumping contest.

Both kids and adults will have fun showing off their choreography while jumping into the pool. 


Competitive sports at a pool party can be risky. Some players forget they’re not playing in an Olympic gold medal match. 

To avoid bloody noses, play volleyball with a beach ball instead of a volleyball. Yes, the pace will be a bit slower but that’s the idea. This is a list of the best pool games, not the deadliest ones.


Think water ballet or synchronized swimming. Give competitors a chance to show off their dance moves in the water. 

Select winners in both individual, pairs and group events. Bonus points for funniest costume or lip synching abilities.




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