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Sound Float: The Future of Pool Float Technology

February 01, 2018

Sound Float: The Future of Pool Float Technology

This summer you will probably get on a pool float at least once (and, let’s be honest, if you don’t, you’re definitely doing it wrong: real talk).

In that case, you’ve got a decision to make and this decision might very well affect the awesomeness of your summers for the rest of your life—you can either go to the convenience store down the street and pick up a cheap pool float that will last maybe a couple of uses and then pop forever or you can decide to treat yourself to a luxury Sound Float pool float.

We know what you’re thinking: what the heck is a luxury pool float and why do I need it?

The better question is: why do you need anything?

Why do you go to the fancy salon downtown when you could go to the one next to the grocery store? Why do you buy organic tomatoes when you could just buy canned tomatoes? Why sit on a couch when you could just sit on the floor? Why shouldn’t you just become a monk, live in a monastery and deprive yourself of all pleasure forever?

Okay, that might be a little extreme but you get our point. We are living in an age where if there’s some way we can make something better, crazier and more awesome we do it!

So we did it.

The result is the Sound Float—a premium pool float with memory foam, built-in tech and all other kinds of goodies. But enough talk; let’s get right into the meat and gristle of this awesome pool float!

Bigger, Stronger, More Luxurious

Pool floats are great. You can lie around, sip your drink and get in and out of the pool when you want without ever going back to shore.

Basically, we took the rudimentary idea of the pool float and supercharged it.

First, we designed it with our favorite car in mind—the 1961 Shelby Cobra. It’s got similar curves with more comfort than those old bucket seats from the 60’s. Then, we made it from ultra-thick and puncture-resistant material while adding a memory-foam surface to make it seem like you’re lying in the literal lap of luxury. Of course, it’s got ample cup holders and is able to inflate and deflate within one minute.

We could have stopped there and still made one of the most killer pool floats in history.

But we pushed on.

Tech to the Future

After comfort, we added 21st century tech. We installed a wireless waterproof audio system with a 20W amplifier so you can jam your tunes while you float on with a 75ft Bluetooth hub to help you stay connected.

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep their phone close by, we’ve thought of you too.

We added a triple-sealed, touch sensitive waterproof pouch for your phone or tablet so you can take your device aboard with you! With the built-in hands-free system and detachable 12h. power bank you can make calls, charge your device or charge up your Sound Float on the go.

Bundle it all up in the included backpack and take it to the pool, the beach or use it as a tube to float the river in style!

Decisions, Decisions

After turning the gas up on comfort and tricking it out with incredible tech, we could have settled on a design for a single type of float. Instead, we designed three.

If you like to sit up and survey your poolside kingdom, we’ve got a throne-style chair for you.

If you’re into lounging solo, we’ve got the single float. Because why share your space if you don’t have to?

Although, if you’ve got a special someone you think you might want to enjoy your floating experience with, we’ve got a deluxe, two-person Sound Float so you can snuggle under the sun.

While most folks are happy to settle for that ten-buck pool float, you’re not that way. You know that there should be no bounds for your enjoyment, comfort or luxury. Take your floating to the next level with the Sound Float pool float.


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