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  • Waterproof Speakers

    A crisp 20W amplifier, waterproof speakers, and dual 70mm subwoofers give you an unmatched level of audio quality.

  • Waterproof Pouch

    Protect your devices with our triple-sealed, touch-sensitive waterproof pouch.


    Use SOUNDFLOAT as an air mattress, extra seating, or your own little oasis in the living room.

  • Puncture Resistant

    Ultra-thick, puncture resistant lining to keep you afloat- cannonball tested up to 300 pounds!

  • Extensive Warranty

    An extensive warranty preserves your peace of mind.

  • Intuitive Controls

    Intuitive controls and LED indicators help you access your entertainment in no time.

  • Quick Charge

    Get a full charge in 3-5 hours, or a quick charge from your car on the way to the beach. 12 hour battery life

  • Easy Inflate

    Inflate and deflate the SOUNDFLOAT quickly with our single-button electric pump.

  • Hands-free Calling

    Call anyone, anywhere, right from the SoundFloat's hands-free speakerphone.

  • 75ft Bluetooth Range

    Stay in touch with the mainland with 75ft of outdoor Bluetooth range.

  • Luxury Design

    Luxury design Inspired by the classic curves of the 1961 Shelby Cobra.

  • Quick Connect

    Take your pool party to the next level in no time with Bluetooth Quick Connect. Get your favorite jams bumping in a flash.

  • Comfort-Air Technology

    Adjustable comfort-air compartments feel like floating on a pillow.

  • Power Bank

    Detach the battery and use it as a power bank for your mobile devices.

  • Large Cup Holder

    Never spill a beverage with our ample cup holder.


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