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What makes Soundfloat outstanding

A WaterProof, High-End Sound System

The bluetooth enabled SOUNDFLOAT comes equipped with 20 watt speakers and powerful, 70mm embedded subwoofers, giving you premium sound quality in the middle of the water. With a full-power playtime of 12 hours (more than most iPods) and a 75 - foot range of reception, you can listen to your favorite music, pod-casts, audiobooks, and radio stations without moving a muscle.

Waterproof Design Guaranteed to Protect Your Devices

When you're dealing with electronics in the water, you can't be too careful. The SoundFloat's unique design protects its speakers, powerpack, and bluetooth so that you and your guests can breathe easy. In addition, each SoundFloat comes with a triple-sealed, touch-sensitive, waterproof pouch for protecting any smart device you bring into the water with you. (Fits most phones and mid-sized tablets)

Easy to Inflate, Easy to Tuck Away

The SOUNDFLOAT quickly inflates so you can start relaxing immediately. And when you're not using it? With our additional easy-to-carry. easy-to-tuck away back-pack, making it a cinch to throw in the trunk for a week-end beach trip, or store in a closet until your next outing.

Luxury Design That's Built to Last

The inspiration for the SOUNDFLOAT's design was the Shelby Cobra. one of the most beautiful (and rugged) luxury cars ever crafted. Not only is the SoundFloat eye-catching, but it's made with incredibly thick (and comfortable) puncture resistant PVC material. How resistant? Our float can take up to 300 lbs of weight cannonballing directly on the top of it without tearing. That durability, combine with its memory-foam feel, means that you don't have to worry about wear and tear, and can just focus on relaxing.

Removable Battery that doubles as a Power Bank

The SOUNDFLOAT helps you stay connected to your lifestyle no matter where you go. And if that means you're heading into the middle of the woods and a car will be your only charger, we want you to be fine. Our battery can be removed to charge any device you have separately, making it a mobile power bank for when you need the extra juice. 12 hour battery life

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